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    Directors of SAMA are all specialists and practicing physicians recognized at national and international health level thanks to significant experience and interventions in various hospitals and clinics in the area. With their operational involvement in the achievement of their mission, they help and guide our patients toward effective solutions.

    SAMA is also composed of a team specialized in operational management that ensures relationship with our partners and ensures effective management of the medical evacuation process.

    In addition, a Customer Relation Service ensures welcome, listening and maintainance of a lasting relationship with the customer thus facilitating its accompaniment and orientation.

    To address specific issues requiring specialized expertise, SAMA mobilizes for you doctors with recognized experience at national and international level.

    The expertise, complementarity and professionalism of our team gives a real advantage to SAMA whose ultimate goal is the satisfaction and well-being of our patients.

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Our strength is our ability to combine expertise and put together competency.


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